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Transparent evaluation system based on the international practices

Choosing the right advertising partner is one of the most difficult decisions, which often has a major impact on the results of your marketing activities. We guide our clients throughout the entire selection process - from shortlisting the participants to applying a transparent evaluation system. We have the whole set of tools that help us achieve these goals.

Media Audits provides following media agency pitch management services:

  • Drawing up competitive task identifying the true potential of participating agencies;

  • Detailed media price list assessment methodology that provides transparency to your media purchases;

  • On demand, active participation of Media Audits experts in your agency pitch and assessment activities;

  • Review and drafting of media agency contract to ensure protection of clients’ interests and transparency of service delivery.


We evaluate agency proposals against our own pool of media prices, actual market price assessment and media rebate practices. Also, we analyse agency proposals to determine and iron out any ambiguities, hidden arrangements, unsubstantiated prices and other unethical practices. Before your close a deal, we make sure clauses on transparency are included in your contract with the agency.

We run agency pitches/tenders in the Baltic region on behalf of our clients. We also routinely lend our expertise to government departments, public sector institutions and IO/NGOs to prevent overspending while compensating for their lack of intricate knowledge in the matter.

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