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Our media auditing provides comprehensive answers to the questions whether you got exactly what you have paid for, and whether the price you paid is a fair one

Media audit is an important tool for efficient use of media budgets. Some of the first businesses that started using media auditing were from FMCG, a sector where the competition was the most intense and where marketing is the main driver of success.

Auditing media campaigns is not limited to checking factual broadcasts, in other words monitoring. It is equally important to ensure that all parameters of the campaign purchased by the customer are correct, that the buying methods of the audience chosen by the agency are optimal and that the advertising positions purchased are not overpaid. We analyze all on-line and off-line media platforms: Internet, TV, radio, print, outdoor advertising and cinema, when we evaluate campaigns.

Why businesses audit their campaigns and why it is important?

The absolute majority of advertisers in the developed markets use media auditing services.


Investments in media buying are often the largest part of marketing budgets and far larger than production of advertising materials or any other marketing-related activities. We will ensure that these significant amounts are invested in a transparent and efficient manner. Media auditing is a smart business solution: it is an investment into better ROI.

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